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We've had an unbelievable response to the new (and final) album INTO OBLIVION.
Thanks loads to everyone that's bought a vinyl or CD copy (or both in some cases) and to all those that have given us such good, positive feedback on it.
We've also had 4 really good reviews so far by Pete Tromans (The Noise Merchant), Darrel Sutton (Mass Movement Magazine), Phil Newall (Louder Than War) and Tony Whatley (Suspect Device Zine).
If you haven't got a copy and would like one please get in touch at:
2SM/Into Oblivion Bandcamp



First, second and third tracks leaked from the upcoming (and final) album INTO OBLIVION.
Click the link below to hear 'These Are The Things That Don't Seem Like Fun To Me' featuring the lovely Ed Ache, 'Blinko And I' (co-written with our good friend Paul Hatherley) and 'Take It' featuring Stuart Hawkins from GagReflex at the start.
2SM/Album Teasers


Tickets are steadily selling for our last ever gig on December 16th at Level3, Swindon...don't end up being one of those people who says 'Oh, I wish I'd bought one'..
Get yourself one now :)
Huge thanks to those of you that have bought tickets already, especially all those from various parts of the country.
It's very much appreciated!
Line-up features Rash Decision, Casual Nausea, Atterkop and Hacksaw and all money raised (after costs) will be going to 2 local charities
Facebook Event

JULY 2018


By December 16th this will all be over.
But before that happens we have a new album on the way...finally!
Details on release date/pre-orders for 'Into Oblivion' to follow within the next few weeks...



It looks like we're finally gonna make it to Japan!

NOVEMBER 4th - 10th - JAPAN TOUR!!

Huge thanks to everybody that has shared posts, sent contacts, booked gigs, helped with translation and generally been very, very kind.
Thank you!!!

Saturday November 4th - Hatsudai Wall, Shinjuku
Sunday November 5th - Kohenji Club Liner, Tokyo
w/ Heartsounds
Monday November 6th - G-Side, Hamamatsu
Tuesday November 7th - Red Dragon, Nagoya
Wednesday November 8th - WAXX, Osaka
Thursday November 9th - Spyder, Hiroshima
Friday November 10th - Shiga U-Stone, Otsu



After 17 years and almost 1,000 gigs this will be our last year as a band.

In December we'll be hanging up our bananas and calling it quits.
We've had a hell of a run at this band malarkey and it's been an amazing thing to be part of.
We've been to places we never imagined we'd go, met a shedload of ace people and played with some brilliant bands too.

There will be a comprehensive thank you thing next year but, for now, we'd just like to say a massive thank you to everyone that's helped us out in any way, big or small, over the're all legends!
The reason we're letting you know this early is because once 2017 is done so are we, so if you'd like to see us play before we go please keep an eye on the Gigs page or our Facebook page for up-to-date gig lists.



Video made by Paj Media with extra band footage from Brian Lowens, Dan Rutter and Rachel Sutton.
The sources for all the other footage used is credited and can be found in the description on You Tube

Hopefully there will be more videos to come in 2017.
In the meantime, check out our YouTube channel where you can find a load of live videos of us:

JULY 2016


Filmed by Mark Richards - check out his work at:

Hopefully there will be more videos to come.
In the meantime, check out our YouTube channel where you can find a load of live videos of us:

JULY 2015

Our new EP (the aptly titled 'About Time') is now available on CD from the Merch page.
It's been available for download for a week or so now (and still is, if you'd prefer a digital version) you can find it at: Bandcamp/2SM
Any zines out there that would like copies for review please get in touch at: and we'll sort a copy out for you.

MAY 2015

The lovely people at PIG Records & Manic Pogo are very kindly putting together a tour of the west coast of the USA for us in August!
We can't wait!!!
So far we have 3 confirmed gigs with more to's what we have so far:

Friday August 14th - Hendo House, West Seattle, WA
Saturday August 15th - Black Zia Cantina, Burien, WA
Monday August 17th - Liquid, Boise, Idaho
Facebook Event

Full details will be up as soon as we have them, please keep checking the Gigs page for updates.

UK / Germany Tour - May 1st - 9th
As they say in Sheffield "Fucking Hell, Fucking Hell!!"
What an ace little tour this was...ace gigs, ace people, ace venues, ace bands, ace crowds, ace hospitality and an all-round ace time!!
Thanks very much to Casual Nausea and Chewed Up for not only being cracking bands but a cracking bunch of people who made 10 days and 8 gigs around England and Germany so much fun.
Massive thanks to everyone to put us on (Jose @ 0161, Aaron, BGB York, Shaun, Zoe and McGinty's, Ipswich, Ruth, Wayne and all at The Birdcage, Paul and everyone at Tubman, Hastings, Gwendoline and the chef and the barman @ Kulturecafe Manfred, Leipzig, Demian and all @ Abstand, Berlin and last, but not least, Jonas, Mini, Phillip and everyone at Nossenerstrasse 1, Meissen) you're all legends and gave us some ace gigs and memories.
Huge thanks also to everyone who put us up and looked after us (Brian Chewed Up, Ruth & Wayne in Pompey, everyone at Tubman in Hastings, Marie & Buster in Amsterdam, Gwendoline in Leipzig and Demian and the Abstand crew in Berlin) it was all very much appreciated...thank you!
So many highlights: mental crowds in York, Ipswich, Leipzig and Berlin, playing in the kitchen at Nossenerstrasse (again!), human pyramid on the stage in Berlin, the barman in Leipzig deciding that it was better to watch us than serve booze, a bloke after our set there proudly yelling "2 Sick Fucking Bastard Monkeys!!!" and learning Casual Nausea and Chewed Up songs on the autobahn between Berlin and Meissen because we thought it'd give them a little smile before they left...we think it worked haha
The look on the woman at Dunkirk ferry port when we arrived was ace, "You're 9 hours early for your ferry!" haha
Fair play to Fred Monkey and all the other drivers for some mamoth drives (especially that last one...we left at 2 in the morning from Meissen and arrived back in Swindon at around 7pm and I think the only breaks Fred had were when I got out for a cider at 7 in the morning on the autobahn and then 2 hours on the wonder he looked jetlagged on Monday!!).
And, finally, fucking mega thanks to Shaun, Zoe, Ed, Simon, Mr Briggs, Leah, Miff (what's heavier...?), Brian, Lee and James for a proper lovely 10 days, it was ace...let's do it again!!!

APRIL 2015

European Tour - March 26th - April 4th
Europe, that was a shedload of fun!!! Thank you!
We hadn't been out to Europe for a couple of years and we've missed it so it was great to be back out there. As usual there were some cracking gigs, plenty of booze, a lot of lovely people and a few crazies too...proper job!
Many thanks to everyone who helped us out with gigs, those who tried to find gigs for us and all those who shared/reposted our posts looking for was very much appreciated.
And huge thanks to the following people for helping to make it a fantastic 10 days:
Arjen and Christian at Cafe Mukkes, Olaf, Esther (Crowbar), Robbie, Rutger and Michel at Cafe de Zolder, Groningen.
Jurgen, Corrine, the soundman and the chef's at Lamm, Hohndorf, Matthias, Matti & Zippi (Sick Times), Call Of The Primate and all the people who jumped about and also bought so much merch.
Mini, Phillip and Andreas at Jugendhaus, Bulli for sorting it out for us, Teppichbodendisko & Synfonie Rausch, beer, peppermint liqueur and 60's sounds.
Robert at the Black Label Pub, Matthias, Matti & Zippi (Sick Times), Robbie, Stephen, Martin, Jenny, Robert (Gesangsverein) and some of the members of Moped.
Micha (Panarama Music), Olly, Vally, Sven, Weed Man, Rene, 13 Krauss, the Leo Sayer lookalike and everyone at Chemiefabrik.
Houza, Rene (from Biograffs), the soundman, Nathen Maxwell & The Bunny Gang, Shipwreck and the good people at Klub Buben.
Jonas, Mini and Phillip for helping to arrange a great last minute house gig in Meißen. Big shouts as well to Schwuchow (Schabernack), Victor, Max, Schulle, Ria, Crischel, Andy and Marv.
And, finally, Francky at L'art ou Libre for putting together a cracking last gig of the tour!
Thanks also to Bobby, Mav, Mouss, Bob, Mimi, Holy Holster, May Eye, Bonheurs Inutiles, Bitch Slappers and many more lovely people.

While we were in Leipzig we had a bit of free time and had been told by the chaps in Sick Times to check out the monument to the defeat of! What a building!! It was an incredible thing to see...we loved it!!

So that was that, 10 days, 9 gigs, 4 countries, around 2,500 miles and many laughs...can't wait for the next 4 weeks time w/ Casual Nausea and Chewed Up.

Thanks again everyone, it was ace!!!

MARCH 2015

Blimey! This page needs an update!
This year's got off to a pretty good start, with a 10 date UK Tour and a weekender in January under our belts already.
(Tour diary's below)

Plans are afoot for a new (DIY) EP, a possible 7" split EP w/ Holiday and another album.
And there are tentative plans to go to the USA in the summer and hopefully we will finally get to Japan later in the year.
There are also two European Tours coming on our own from March 26th - April 5th and another in May (w/ Casual Nausea and Chewed Up) see Gigs for dates, venues and towns.
More news as and when we have it.


Friday February 13th - The Sitwell Tavern, Derby
Tour got off to a good start in Derby, big thanks to Gary and the soundman and everyone else at The Sitwell Tavern for having us.
Top sets from Strength In Blunders (Pete says it was nice to ruin someone elses songs for a change haha), Electric Shite Orchestra and Sods Law...somehow we got it all in on time, fuck the neighbours!.
Not the biggest crowd in the world but a great bunch of people!
Lovely to see Anna having a Happy Birthday and lovely to meet Craig too (what a lovely couple!) and all their friends!
Also great to see Aero and a bloke whose name I can't remember who travelled 15 miles to see us...much appreciated sir!
1 down, 9 to go.

Saturday February 14th - The Rolleston, Swindon
Fucking cracking time in The Rolly! The place was packed!!!
Huge shout to Status, as always, for putting us on and to Mr Doeser and the many past and present members of The Hamsters From Hell for letting us share their 30th anniversary...legends!
It was ace to see so many mates of ours there too...big shouts to Poppy, Sam, Lynn, their friend (the Big Friendly Giant whose name i can never remember), Skiddy, Gela Perky-Pickle-Pants, Dan, Paj, ATF and many more (apologies if we've forgotten you...we still love you though!).
Also, a massive shout to the one and only Mr Doeser for letting Pete come up and sing Fucksticks with The more thing off the bucket list hahaha

Sunday February 15th - The Edge of The Wedge, Portsmouth
Big shouts to Jochen and Portsmouth Punk Promotions for putting on a belter!
Cracking sets from The SLM, Shooting Fish, Dead By Dawn + Strength In Blunders and a great crowd too!
It was ace to meet and make so many new friends and for those of you who were intrigued, happy, supportive and maybe even inspired by Pete's own little tour-within-a-tour we're happy to say that his mission was indeed accomplished.
Also, very big thanks to Jochen and his good lady for the hospitality...very much appreciated!

Monday February 16th - The Union Bar, Hastings
We first played The Union Bar in early December, we like it here as it kind of reminds us of the squats in Europe and we were chuffed that they decided to put us on again on what's usually a really crap night for gigs.
Well it appears that Monday may well be the new Saturday as we had a great crack!!
Top set from Free Beer, although we have to admit that when we saw the gig advertised as '2 Sick Monkeys + Free Beer' we thought "Hello. Session!!!"
Great chaps though with a really good sort of Hardcore/Thrash thing going on.
Massive thanks to Paul, Maisy, Tilly, Marc (No. 1 fan!), Chris (pint of soda? No. pint of cider!), Les, Harvey, the very nice security dude (having a night off!), all our mates from Matilda's Scoundrels and everyone else that came along and had some Monday!!

Tuesday February 17th - PJ McGinty's, Ipswich
Tuesday night in Ipswich? No problem with Zoe and Shaun from Casual Nausea on the case!
Last time we played here it was pretty nuts and it wasn't much different this time.
Love that little room they've got here and it was good to see so many come out and have some fun with us. A proper lovely and positive bunch of people and an absolute pleasure to make a racket for them!
Top sets from Ed Ache (can't believe it was the first time we'd seen his solo set...loved it!) and Strength In Blunders (probably the best we've seen them play!) and also to have some food and ciders, as well as a little present, was amazing!
It was great to see all our buddies from Casual Nausea and The Domestics (sadly no Simon but we'll see you on the tour in May!) and to make another load of new night!
Also as we got there so early we had a little time around Ipswich, Fred went in search of water (and found some!) and Pete went in search of charity shops (and found them too!).
Pete bought some presents and fed some of the people of Ipswich. When we met back up at the venue Fred had a pint and Pete had a coke...this doesn't happen very often! haha

Wednesday February 18th - The Red Lion, Bristol, BS5
For Tuesday night in Ipswich see Wednesday night in Bristol.
Another top night at The Red Lion put on, this time, by Tommy from Public Order Act.
Cracking turnout and top sets from The Hunx (complete with extra Millers!), Dead Neck (for some reason it was the first time we'd seen them!) and Public Order Act (who we play with again in London tomorrow!). It's always a good gig in this place and this was no exception!
Lovely to see Matt and Billie, Chris Riot Ska, a couple of Migraines and a lovely bloke who bought me a pint and had a chat but, unfortunately, I can't remember his name.
Also, a proper nice soundman who we'll see again in Portsmouth in May!
This gig also provided the quote of the tour from Andy Dazzler who said to us "One day I'll see you do a shit one!" hahaha brilliant!

Thursday February 19th - The Birds Nest, Deptford, London
Massive thanks to everyone involved in making this gig such a great crack!
Big shouts to Tom for booking us, the top soundman, the ace bar staff and the American bloke who said we reminded him of Bad Brains!!
Cracking sets, in a very diverse line-up, from our Bristol buddies Public Order Act, our Peckham buddies Bucha Effect and our (somewhere in) London buddies The Graphic...brilliant stuff folks and thanks for being part of it all!!
Great, as always, to see Matty Cabbage, Andy and a few other lovely faces and ace to see a pit in such a small space...amazing!!!
And, also, a very special thanks to whoever returned Pete's rucksack, there's some stuff in there that he didn't want to lose and whoever you are we're very grateful...thank you!
(Just to clarify, we didn't for a second think anyone had stolen it, stuff gets picked by mistake at the end of the night all the time, but we're glad that when you realised you had the wrong bag you brought it straight back...proper job!)
This tour has been amazing so far...we didn't think we could top touring with Global Parasite last September but somehow it's all gone up a notch...very happy monkeys...thank you!!

Friday February 20th - The Dolls House, Abertillery
Great to be back in Abertillery, we love it at The Dolls House! The home of the legendary SLUGFEST!
Massive thanks to Andrew and Carl for putting us on and putting us up and to Lucy for keeping us in cider...tidy!
Big shout to Strength In Blunders for the last of 4 gigs they played with us on this tour and again they let Pete fill in on bass and destroy their tunes.
Great to see Pig, his good lady and a fair few others whose names we obviously can't remember.
Not the biggest crowd in the world but a lovely bunch and definitely much better than all the nasty coked-up wankers upstairs that were having some kind of charity do/pub-smashing/fight-anyone-type of night...bellends!
Stopping in the pub with a box of ciders is always a good thing and in the morning Pete managed to get a pint together with all the bits left in the cans...happy days!

Saturday February 21st - The Duke, Neath
We hadn't played here for around 3 or 4 years I think so it was ace to go back and to see that (in the nicest possible way) nothing had changed. Not one bit!
Absolutely love this pub, just like a squat, brilliant atmosphere, no draught booze, just cans and spirits and pretty much every kind of crazy person you can think of...what's not to like?
Big shouts and massive thanks to Tony and AJ for sorting the gig out and to State Of Decay and Boycott The Baptist for amazing sets!!!
Was absolutely lovely to see Arthur and Flid and their friend (whose name we can't remember), Peran and Rhian, our old Neath buddy Mark (lovely homemade booze!), the lovely lady in the 2SM shirt who saw us at The Red & Black, the young man from Struck Out and all those crazy fuckers who were seriously and not-so-seriously pitting, crowd surfing and human pyramid-ing (failed!). The place went nuts!!! And we absolutely loved it!!!

Sunday February 22nd - The Star & Garter, Manchester
We thought this was gonna be our last ever gig at The Star & Garter, so what a way to bow out! (It turns out that it might not be - see Gigs)
Absolutely cracking day, so much fun and, I'm guessing, a lot of money raised for a very good cause!
Massive thanks to the STP family (Stu, Sam and Barbara), Jason, Noz and Kaz (for roadie duties) and Kaz again for amazing merch lady duties...thank you so much mate!
Top sets from (the bands we saw) Contempt, Billyclub, Drongos For Europe and GBH and great to see and chat with so many lovely people including Guy and Stacey, 3 Drongos, the drummer from GBH (Scott? Nice bloke!), the lovely couple from Liverpool who were giving out flyers and so many others!
We got some video of the crowd giving us the finger and shouting Fuck Off (again! haha) and we'll get it up sometime soon.
Thanks everyone, not only at this gig but the other 9 as well, for making this such an ace tour!!!
It's been brilliant...cheers folks!!! :) xx


We're very excited to announce that around July/August we're planning on going to Japan for 10 days to play some gigs...but to get there we need to raise some money.
So to help raise some money towards our flights we've put together a live album from a couple of gigs we played in Europe a few years back.

It's available for download on our bandcamp.
It'd be a massive help to us (and be very much appreciated!) if any of you fancied buying a few songs (or even the whole album).

You can find it HERE.

Happy New Year!!
We would like to say a gert big thanks to everyone who has made this year another fantastic one for would be almost impossible to name you all (or even remember ha ha) but you know who you are and, somewhere in our muddy brains, so do we.

We've been very lucky to play 60 gigs across 5 countries including 10 new towns/cities...among the many highlights we supported the legendary NOMEANSNO and the MISFITS, played with a 30-piece orchestra, toured with our great mates Dead Subverts and Rash Decision and had lots of fun with friends both old and new.

To everyone that's put us on, put us up, put up with us, played with us, turned up to see us, bought us drinks, bought our merch, been nice to us or just told us to fuck off...we love you all and we'll see you somewhere on the road in 2014.......

Cheers folks!!! xx

PS: For any of you who like stats here's what our slow-but-steady march towards 1,000 gigs looks like as of Dec 31, 2013....
782 gigs in 199 towns/cities in 13 countries in 13 far


New recordings, gigs and Bandcamp!!

We are slowly but surely putting down a lot of new songs for a few future releases.
These include a split release with PiPi (Japanese Punk band featuring our great mate Ayumi) and an EP of our own.

We will also, at some point soon, be getting the final mixes of the songs we recorded with Matt at Pumpkin Records for a vinyl release.
More info as soon as we have it...

Between now and Christmas we'll be out and about, so if you're anywhere near Cardiff, Bolton, Bristol, Addlestone, Salisbury, Mansfield, Swindon, Bradford, Rotherham or Sheffield, please pop along and see us.
Details HERE.

We now have a bandcamp account.
Go to: and you will find the first 3 EP's and Curse of the Monkeys album for 'Pay-What-You-Want' download.
More music will be available there soon...


SN1 Fest - we're playing with an Orchestra!!

SN1 Fest is a two day festival at The Town Gardens Bowl, Swindon on Saturday August 17th & Sunday August 18th.
Saturday features DJ's from all over the world and Sunday features 5 local bands (2 Sick Monkeys, AJ Live, British Harlem, Buswell and Old Colours) plus a special performance from The Underground Orchestra.

During the Orchestra's set they will be joined by all 5 bands who will perform one of their own songs with the Orchestra.
We're excited to announce that we will be performing two of our songs with the Orchestra...and we can't wait!
To find out more information about this event, please click on any (or all) of the links below.

Swindon Advertiser article

Underground Orchestra - Facebook Event

SN1 Fest - Facebook Event


We Got Tickets

Resident Advisor

Swindon Tickets

Tickets are also available from:
FORUM - Brunel Plaza, SWINDON
HOLMES MUSIC - Faringdon Road, Swindon
SOUND KNOWLEDGE - Hughenden Yard, High Street, Marlborough

JULY 2013

Massive thanks to everybody that has helped us get these gigs booked...the amount of people that shared and reposted for us and sent us contacts has been nothing short of amazing - thank you!!

EUROPEAN TOUR 2013 - Facebook Event
JULY 24 - La Bouée, Villejuif, Paris, France - Facebook Event
JULY 25 - The Plu, Heerlen, Netherlands - Facebook Event
JULY 26 - Crowbar, Groningen, Netherlands
JULY 27 - Rattenloch, Herdorf, Germany - Facebook Event

Live reviews from the Manchester gig with NoMeansNo and Slugfest 666 added HERE.
And another review of the 2SM / RD 'Less is More...' split HERE.

Hi folks, we're really struggling to fill our first European Tour of the year.
If any of you out there can offer any help with promoters, venues, bands, squats etc.. please get in touch at

This how it looks at the moment...

EUROPEAN TOUR 2013 - Facebook Event
JULY 24 - La Bouée, Villejuif, Paris, France
Facebook Event
JULY 25 - The Plu, Heerlen, Netherlands
Facebook Event
JULY 26 - Crowbar, Groningen, Netherlands
JULY 27 - Rattenloch, Herdorf, Germany
Facebook Event

JUNE 2013

750 GIGS!!!!
Last night in Oxford was gig number 750...the march towards 800 starts tomorrow night in Plymouth (30/06/2013).

APRIL 2013

SUPPORTING MISFITS - Next Tuesday - April 9th!!!!
After topping a poll by Nazgul Agency we've been picked as support for THE MISFITS in Plymouth on Tuesday April 9th.
Gonna be a fun night!!
Massive thanks to everybody who voted for're all legends!

Last night we got back from our latest UK Tour...
We had such a top time spending 10 days drinking, smoking, playing and travelling with our bestest mates in Rash Decision and Dead Subverts...
We even managed to sneak in the odd sleep or two...fantastic fun!!!
You couldn't wish for a better bunch of chaps to tour 'em all to bits!!.
And top bands too...smashing it every night...fucking proper job!!

Just a few quick thanks to various people who helped us out along the way...
We really appreciate all the help whether it was big or small as it all made the tour what it was...
If we've forgotten anyone it's purely unintentional and we apologize in advance.

Dave Decision, Gaslights, Honey, Red On You and the bloke from Terrorvision!

Kat, Lost Souls, Horse

Amy, Taffy, Red and Black Umbrella Collective, Grand Collapse and Radio Rhydd.

Jonny March, Tez, Noz, Gaz, Electric Shite Orchestra (Up The ESO!!), Royce and everyone who made it out on a shitty Monday.

Adam, Shilty, Alex and his ace house mates.

Pumpkin Records, Bo and Cafren, Vegetarian fry-ups and all those who made it down and stayed til the end.

Pete Bentham at Mello Mello, Alec Antipop, Emz from Brew For Breakfast, Adam and Cherub, Kieron and the crazy crowd for their singing and enthusiasm...Boss!

Everyone at the Cowley Club, Ferox, Annie and Phillipa.

Eff Orf, Andy, Campos, Ash, 'Ippy Chris, Sean, Phil, Grand Collapse, Piss On Authority, Ephemerol Foetus, Ziplock and Slug.

BRISTOL Matty Cabbage, Anti-Fad, Steve and Rachel, the crowd for 'aving it, Directors and all old and new friends that made it a brilliant end to a brilliant tour.

Thanks folks and see ya all again soon :) xx

MARCH 2013

2SM on Bandcamp!!!
We now have a bandcamp account.
Go to: and you will find the first 3 EP's and Curse of the Monkeys album for 'Pay-What-You-Want' download.
More stuff to come soon...


NEW 2SM / RD Split Reviews!!!!
Brand new review of the split Here.

Dates for Europe 2013!!!!
We're going to do two short tours rather than one long one this time.
If you'd like to see us in your town, please in touch at:

JULY 23th - France
JULY 24th - France/Belgium
JULY 25th - Belgium/Netherlands/Germany
JULY 26th - Netherlands/Germany/Switzerland/Austria
JULY 27th - Netherlands/Germany/Switzerland/Austria
JULY 28th - France/Belgium/Netherlands

AUG 27th - France/Belgium/Netherlands
AUG 28th - Germany
AUG 29th - Germany/Czech Republic/Poland
AUG 30th - Germany/Czech Republic/Poland
AUG 31st - Germany/Netherlands
SEPT 1st - Netherlands/Belgium/France



Thanks to the lovely people at Antipop Records we will be supporting the mighty NOMEANSNO!!!
The gig is confirmed for Wednesday May 22nd 2013 at Sound Control, Manchester and also features the fantastic Revenge of the Psychotronic Man.
After missing out on a support slot with them in 2012 we are more than chuffed to get another chance to play with our favourite band...we can't wait for this!!!
Here's the Facebook Event for the gig.


NEW EP - SPRING 2013!!!!

We're booked in to the bloody lovely Pumpkin Recording Studio from February 11th - 14th to record a new EP.
The plan is to release it on vinyl, in Spring 2013, in time for the Easter tour with Dead Subverts and Rash Decision.
More details as and when we have them.


It's that time let's do a little tour...

Saturday December 15th - The Hobgoblin, Staines
Sunday December 16th - The Dove And Rainbow, Sheffield
Thursday December 20th - The Moon Club, Cardiff
Friday December 21st - The Hog And Hosper, Pontypool
Saturday December 22nd - The Jester, Stoke-On-Trent
Sunday December 23rd - Wahlbar, Manchester

More info, including bands we're playing with and facebook events, on the Gigs page.


4 new reviews of the 2SM / RD split and 1 new review of 'Welcome To Shit Street' have now been added Here.


We now have our first 3 EP's available on 1 tape, if you want 1 (or more!) you can find them Here or at gigs.



3 brand new, and pretty ace, reviews have now been added.
Live reviews from last Friday's gig in Lille and Bournemouth 3 weeks ago can be seen Here.
And a cracking review of our split album with Rash Decision can be seen Here.
If you've got a few spare minutes, please check 'em out...cheers!

In other news, we will soon have some tapes available...more details soon...


700 GIGS!!!!

Last night (Friday 07/09/2012) we played our 700th gig at The Dirty Weekend Fest, Wrexham.
It was a cracking night, loud, busy and very hot 'n' sweaty!!.
But the best and most fitting aspect of it all was sharing the Pumpkin Stage with our good mates (and brilliant bands!!) Rash Decision, Dead Subverts and Global Parasite.
Thanks to everyone who helps us out in any way, be it big or small, we really appreciate everything...thank you!!
Next stop...800 x


The 7" tribute to The Ramones 'Lobotomized' is now available Here

The 2 Sick Monkeys / Rash Decision split is now available Here

JULY 2012


2 Sick Monkeys/The Dehumanizers/Hanson Brothers/Invasives
Lobotomized - Tribute to The Ramones - 4 Track 7" EP
Out on Manic Pogo & Pig Records and available here in the next couple of weeks!!

The 2 Sick Monkeys/Rash Decision split is almost here!!
Less is More...More or Less - 21 Track CD Album
Released through Pumpkin Records, Smegma Records, Riot Ska Records, Side Effect Records and Atomsmasher Records, it should be available here in around 3 weeks time.
As soon as we have a release date, we'll let you know.

Nowhere Nothing T-Shirts back in stock!!!
Big thanks to Shay at EHC Records!!
Available now on the Merch Page and at: Smegma Records

CD's back in stock!!!

'Welcome To Shit Street' (Live album), 'Nowhere Nothing' EP and 'Why?' EP all available again, go to the Merch Page:

JUNE 2012

Gig with Nomeansno CANCELLED - gutted doesn't even begin to cover it

On a positive note, the Split Album with Rash Decision is going to press this week...not long til it's released :)

MAY 2012

Star & Garter, Manchester 27/05/12 Live Review Added!!! Here


Supporting NOMEANSNO!!!!
The Hairy Dog, Derby, Friday October 5th, very excited by this, it's going to be a cracking gig!!
Massive thanks to Lenny (HDP/Notts Punk Club) :)
Facebook Event


We're on vinyl at last!!!!

Copies of 'Shut The Fuck Up And Listen - Vol 5' (a 13 band 7" compilation album) are in our possession at last.
Massive thanks to Brad at Manic Pogo for all his help and to Pig Records, PB Records & 1332 Records for including us on this release...we're very happy Monkeys!!
You can pick up a copy at gigs or at Manic Pogo.
Or from our Merch Page.

APRIL 2012


New Page, New Manic Pogo
New T-Shirts and MP3 versions of 'Nowhere Nothing' EP, 'Why?' EP and 'Curse of the Monkeys' Album....all exclusive to Manic Pogo

Also, coming very soon is a tribute to The Ramones featuring The Hanson Brothers, Invasives, The Dehumanizers and ourselves.
It'll be out in a few weeks on 7" vinyl and we've recorded a version of Rockaway Beach for it.

And, finally, we are going to be appearing on another 7" compilation called Shut The Fuck Up & Listen - Vol 5
On this record we contribute our song 'Bruce, Brenda, David, Death' and it features 13 other bands/artists (including Antiseen, Pamela Des Barres & The Koffin Kats) all doing songs of around the 1 minute mark or under.
This will be released at the beginning of May.
Massive thanks to Brad at Manic Pogo for his help with all of the above - absolute legend!!!

FEB 2012 - Latest news!!!!


Unfortunately we've had to pull out of the Sham 69 gig in Bolton (March 9th).
Sorry folks...we hope to get back to Bolton again as soon as possible.


More gigs added to the Gigs list.
And a new Live Review added to the Reviews page.


We are very sorry to announce that we've had to cancel all our gigs for February, we're gutted about this as we hate having to cancel gigs but we have no choice.
Massive apologies to anyone who has booked us or was looking forward to seeing us this month, we hope to make it back to these places later in the year....

Normal service will be restored in March...thank you xx